Top 10 Best Bonsai Trees October 2012

Top 10 Best Bonsai Trees October 2012

1. Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift 6. 9GreenBox – Flowering Fukien Tea
2. Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai 7. A 5+ Year Old Juniper Bonsai Tree
3. Brussel’s Chinese Elm Bonsai 8. Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree – Medium
4. Bonsai Juniper Tree 9. Brussel’s Green Mound Junpier
5. Bonsai Tree – Japanese Juniper 10. Mini Jade Plant Bonsai Starter

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1. Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift

List Price: $49.99
Price: $10.99
You Save: $39.00 (78%)

  • Juniper Bonsai tree features the power and tranquility of Bonsai but in a smaller size
  • A very hardy plant and perfect gift for anyone interested in the art of caring for juniper bonsai trees
  • If space is a limitation, this juniper bonsai tree can add color and harmony while still possessing all the characteristics of its larger version
  • Juniper Tree

We’re selling one of this rare treasure! , The diameter of this Pot is about 10 ” W and POT IS 6 1/4 ” IN LENGTH & 5 1/4″ WIDE & 2 1/2″ DEEP.

2. Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

List Price: $79.99
Price: $25.19
You Save: $54.80 (69%)

  • This juniper bonsai will create the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature
  • Makes a unique gift
  • Delivered in an 7″ glazed clay pot, with Japanese suiseki balance stones and a miniature fisherman
  • We have chosen a hardy 3 year old juniper with trailing branches that are easy to train

The term ‘bonsai’ literally translated from Japanese means tray planting or tree in pot. The term refers specifically to the training and artistic vision applied to the tree; ultimately this will give the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature. It is more than just a little tree, it is an attempt to represent nature itself in a small pot. Translated as potted tree, bonsai trees are the attempt to represent larger natural tree forms in a diminutive scale. In this case we have chosen a hardy 3 year old juniper for its long trailing brances, which are easy to train into many fantastic bonsai styles. Delivered in a beautiful 7″ glazed clay earth/water pot that is complimented by Japanese suiseki balance stones and a miniature fisherman.

3. Brussel’s CT9005CE Chinese Elm Bonsai

List Price: $49.99
Price: $25.97
You Save: $24.02 (48%)

  • Deciduous outdoor bonsai
  • The small leaves are ideally suited for bonsai
  • Imported from northern China
  • 5 years old; 9 inches tall
  • Ulmus parvifolia

Chinese Elms are deciduous trees with small leaves and fine twigging on their secondary branches. These trees are imported from Chinese nurseries where the branches have been painstakingly trained for years. Chinese Elms are durable and may be displayed indoors for extended periods of time.

4. Bonsai Juniper Tree

Price: $7.97

  • 3 years old specimen, 6″ – 7″ tall
  • Recommended bonsai tree
  • Great bonsai tree for the beginner
  • olerates many adverse conditions, hardy tree

Juniper Procumbens “nana”. This dwarf Juniper bonsai tree from Japan is the most popular evergreen in the U.S. When we think of a traditional bonsai tree and what it should look like, we think of a “Juniper Procumbens Nana.” It is very hardy, long-lived, and tolerates many adverse conditions. This is an excellent tree for the beginner.

5. Bonsai Tree – Japanese Juniper 3-4 Year Old, Planted in 5 inch Container – Grown by Eve’s Garden

Price: $14.29

  • Bonsai is 3-4 years old. Tree shape and size may vary.
  • Planted in 5-inch ceramic container. Pot color and style may vary.
  • Tree measures approximately 6-8 inches. Easy to shape and style.
  • Juniper is the most popular tree for bonsai. Best suited for patios and outdoor areas.
  • State agricultural restrictions prohibit delivery of this tree to California or Hawaii.

Live 3-4 year old Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree planted in a 5-inch ceramic container. Perfect bonsai tree gift for the bonsai beginner.
The Japanese Juniper (Juniperus procumbens “Nana”) is the most popular tree for Bonsai because of its compact foliage and ability to train branches into popular shapes. Requiring good indirect sunlight and moist watering conditions, the Japanese Juniper Bonsai is best suited for patios or outdoor areas. The Japanese Juniper is cold-hardy and can withstand temperatures below freezing.
Each bonsai tree is potted in a ceramic container and beautifully decorated with moss, landscaping pebbles, and rocks. Our special bonsai potting soil is a custom mix to ensure your tree will live for years to come. We ship our bonsai trees with care instructions and package so the tree will arrive healthy and in excellent condition.
You will find our bonsai to be of the highest quality. All trees are grown at our nursery in Florida and we will sell only items that will live long after they are purchased.

6. 9GreenBox – Imported Flowering Fukien Tea Indoor Bonsai Tree Flowering

Price: $19.99



7. A 5+ Year Old Juniper Bonsai Tree in Japanese Setku Bowl

Price: $25.40

  • Easy Care Juniper Bonsai Tree.
  • About 5+ Year Old Tree.
  • Handcrafted by Bonsai Etc. Nursery.
  • Sitting in a Quality, Handsome, Japanese Bonsai Bowl – “Setku donburi” style container – Handmade by our Japanese pottery artist with his seal at the bottom.
  • Come with Instruction Sheet, and Organic Bonsai Foods; and with ONE YEAR Limited Warranty (contact “Tabletop Bonsai” to find out more).

A 5+ year old juniper bonsai trees crafted for anyone. This juniper tree has fresh green needles throughout the year and requires only minimal care if it is placed outdoor; it can stay in an indoor environment where sufficient sunlight and fresh air is feasible. The juniper is indeed one of the most popular bonsais grown in the States, its evergreen features and naturally cascading branches shows the intrinsic beauty of nature. Though many nurseries have claimed to grow and craft the trees; we DO NOT stick a tree into a bonsai pot and call it bonsai. We select only the most full and healthy trees, and shape and nurture them to reach a weathered and mature appearance and style, and then we transfer them to the selected pots that matches the trees. They are a labor of love and a treasure sure to bring you many years of enjoyment. This particular bonsai sits in a high fire, top quality, handmade bonsai 5″ container (like the tree, because each individual container is handmade, its color and pattern of the container may vary). This is an authentic Japanese juniper bonsai setting; handcrafted by Bonsai Etc.

8. Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree – Medium by Bonsai Boy

Price: $19.99

  • 10 years old specimen, 10″ – 12″ tall
  • Recommended indoor bonsai tree, grown and trained by Bonsai Boy
  • Twisted trunk and exposed roots
  • Hardy tree with a great shape

Ulmus Parvifolia. Has small evergreen leaves. Hardy bonsai tree with excellent branching characteristics. Twisted trunk and exposed roots give the appearance of great age.

9. Brussel’s DT2101GMJ Green Mound Junpier Bonsai

List Price: $29.00
Price: $7.95
You Save: $21.05 (73%)

  • Evergreen favorite
  • Features curved trunks and well position branches
  • Supplied by America’s largest bonsai nursery
  • 3 years old; 9 inches tall
  • Juniperus procumbens ?Nana’

The natural movement of this tree’s trunk and branches capture the essence of bonsai, making Green Mound the most used juniper variety. The texture of the Green Mound Juniper’s foliage and the ease of trimming make this outdoor bonsai a winner for beginners.

10. Mini Jade Plant Bonsai Starter Plant – Portulacaria afra – 4″ Pot

Price: $9.99

  • Native to Africa
  • Makes a great bonsai
  • Prefers a sunny location. Water when dry.
  • Miniature leaves
  • The plant you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot

This very unusual and colorful plant is a slower growing succulent with dark green leaves and dark stems. It is an excellent house plant for a sunny window. It is native to Africa and likes to go dry between waterings. It is also excellent for bonsai! It has a pale pink flower. The fleshy trunk, branches and leaves are able to store water for a long period of time which makes it particularly well suited for offices, dormitory rooms, or anyone not wanting to be a slave to their plants.

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