Top 10 Best Beer Home Brewing Kits July 2012

Top 10 Best Beer Home Brewing Kits July 2012

1. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 6. Mr. Beer Deluxe Home Microbrewery
2. Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit 7. Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit
3. Brooklyn Brew Beer Kit Everyday IPA 8. Superior Home Brew Beer Kit
4. Home Brewing Equipment Kit w/DVD 9. Great American Micro-Brewery Co. 2000+
5. Maestro Homebrew Beer Kit 10. Strange Brew Best Home Brew Starter Kit

1. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit

List Price: $59.99
Price: $44.49
You Save: $15.50 (26%)

  • Includes 2-gallon fermenting keg with lid and tap assembly, two standard refill brew packs, eight reusable plastic 1-liter bottles
  • Includes eight reusable plastic caps, eight labels, Brewing with Mr. Beer brewer’s guide, and 4-step brewing instructions
  • Lightweight, shatter resistant keg is made from FDA compliant plastic and imparts no taste or flavor migration
  • Brew pack offers two distinct and popular beers for 2 batches (4 gallons) of home brewed beer
  • Keg’s wide mouth allows for easy cleaning; hand wash only; avoid using scouring pads or abrasives during cleaning; keg measures 9.5 x 13 x 9 inches

Everything required to brew 2 batches (4 gallons) of beer at home. Includes: brew keg, 2 standard refill brew packs (Classic American and Cowboy Lager), 8 re-usable 1-liter bottles w/caps and labels, Brewing w/Mr. Beer Booklet and easy to follow instructions.

2. Gold Complete Beer Equipment Kit (K6) with 6 Gallon Glass Carboy

List Price: $110.99
Price: $98.99
You Save: $12.00 (11%)

  • Our Equipment Kits are assembled using the finest quality materials available.
  • True Brew Ingredient Kits are assembled using the finest ingredients available.
  • Each ingredient kit makes 5 gallons of top quality homebrew.
  • With our easy to read instructions your assured a great brew every time.

Take your homebrew to the next level. The Gold Homebrew Kit has all you need to get brewing and adds a glass carboy for secondary fermentation resulting in a cleaner finished brew. Each Equipment Kit Includes: True Brew Handbook & Kit Instructions, 7.8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket, 1 Lid Drilled & Grommet, True Brew Rack & Fill kit, 6 Gallon Glass Carboy, Fermometer Fermentation Thermometer, Small Buon Vino Drilled Stopper, Hydrometer, Bottling Spigot, Emily Double Lever Capper, 3 Piece Airlock, Bottle Brush, C-Brite Sanitizer 8-Pack.

3. Brooklyn Brew Beer Making Kit, Everyday IPA

Price: $40.00

  • Included: beer making mix (grain, hops, and yeast), 1 gallon glass fermenter, chambered airlock, glass thermometer
  • Also includes: racking cane, tubing, tubing clamp, screw cap stopper, and packet of sanitizer
  • Makes 1 gallon of beer (9-10 12 ounce bottles)
  • Second batch only requires new ingredients and packet of sanitizer; Kit is reusable
  • Not included: strainer, funnel, pot, and bottles

If you can make oatmeal, you can make beer. Brooklyn Brew Shop’s apartment friendly Beer Making Kits make it easy to bring brewing out of the garage and into the kitchen using only fresh, whole ingredients and traditional methods used in homes and breweries for centuries. By brewing with the same ingredients (cracked barley, hops, spices, and yeast) that the best craft breweries in the world use, making high quality and complex beers becomes possible on the stovetop in your very own kitchen, big or small.

4. Home Brewing Equipment Kit with Carboy & Instructional Beer Making DVD : Homebrew Supplies

Price: $94.99

  • Our Equipment Kits are assembled using top quality materials.
  • The Fermentation Buckets are made of high quality food grade plastic.
  • The Auto-Siphon transfers beer from pail to carboy with incredible ease.
  • Instructional DVD includes tutorials on Extract Brewing, All grain Brewing and even Winemaking.
  • Copy of our most recent catalog is included with the kit.

This is our most popular brewing equipment kit. This equipment kit provides the essential equipment for the aspiring brewer who wants to make the best beer they can from the start. This is accomplished through two-stage fermentation. Primary fermentation is the first step. During this 5-7 day process, most of the fermentation takes place and by the end of this period most of the particles and solids will settle to the bottom. The second step is transferring the beer in to the secondary fermentor for 7-21 days. Separating the beer from the sediment will result in clearer beer and improve the characteristics of the beer. Beer can condition and clarify in the secondary fermentor for weeks or months depending on the style and strength of the beer. Transferring the beer in to a 5 gallon glass carboy or better bottle will reduce oxidation of the beer. This kit is highly recommended if you intend to brew any high alcohol or lager beers. Brewing Starter Equipment Kit List: Instructional Homebrewing DVD, 5 Gallon Better Bottle, 6.5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Lid, 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket with Spigot, 8 Oz. of Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, Drilled Universal Carboy Bung, Airlock (Keeps air out of the fermentor), Hydrometer (Determines alcohol content), Bottle Brush, Carboy Brush, Black Beauty Bottle Capper, Bottle Caps, Liquid Crystal Thermometer, Bottle Filler, Fermtech AutoSiphon upgrade, Siphon Tubing, and Shutoff clamp.

5. Maestro Homebrew Beer Kit with True Brew Amber Ale Home Brew Ingredient Kit

List Price: $98.99
Price: $77.35
You Save: $21.64 (22%)

  • Our Equipment Kits are assembled using the finest quality materials available.
  • True Brew Ingredient Kits are assembled using the finest ingredients available.
  • Each kit contains: malts, hops, yeast and even bottle caps.
  • Each ingredient kit makes 5 gallons of top quality homebrew.
  • With our easy to read instructions your assured a great brew every time.

Looking for the perfect starter homebrewing kit? Our Maestro Kit with Amber Ale ingredients is perfect for the beginning brewer. With it’s easy to follow instructions and quality components; you’re assured a great brew every time.

6. Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Microbrewery System

List Price: $40.00
Price: $28.49
You Save: $11.51 (29%)

  • Easy to brew, just add water
  • Premium beer at a fraction of the cost
  • Drink you own home brew in as little as 14 days
  • Re-usable kit for continued brewing
  • Makes an excellent gift

In just 14 days, beginning and advanced brewers alike can enjoy a glass of premium, handcrafted beer with this home-brewing kit. The 2-1/2-gallon brewing keg features a pour tap and wide-mouth lid for easy cleaning by hand. Included with this starter kit are a can of West Coast Pale Ale mix, which produces twenty 12-ounce bottles of mild, full-bodied beer, and a single-use packet of booster, which contains all-natural carbohydrates that enhance flavor and boost alcohol content. The beer-making ingredients are simply mixed with water, left to brew in the keg at room temperature for a week, and then put into bottles (not included) for another week, during which time natural carbonation takes place. No carbon-dioxide cartridges are needed to enhance sparkle or beer head. A dozen plastic bottle caps printed with the Mr. Beer logo are also included, as well as an instruction booklet full of brewing tips and recipes. Other Mr. Beer mixes and booster packs can be ordered separately. The keg is made of FDA-compliant PVC, which does not impart taste or color, and is virtually indestructible.

7. Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit

List Price: $125.99
Price: $109.99
You Save: $16.00 (13%)

  • Cooper’s New! DIY Beer Kit – Everything you need to brew 6 gallons of beer per batch.
  • From first time beginners to the most seasoned home brewer, this beer brewing kit is the answer.
  • Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Cooper’s beer brewing kit is fast, easy and the world’s best selling home beer making kit.
  • Includes instructional DVD-ROM and step by step directions, PET bottles and all the ingredients for your first batch.
  • Add on one of our many beer kits to brew your favorite style of beer including Pale Ale, Blonde, Lager, Draught, Dark Ale, Stout, IPA and Wheat style beers.

The new and improved Coopers DIY Beer Kit includes everything needed to make 6 gallons of great tasting beer- a new patented fermenter that makes brewing even easier and quicker, an easy to read plastic hydrometer specifically made for beer, plus an Instructional DVD-ROM to answer all your brewing questions. This kit comes with everything you need to get started including the fermenter, lid, Krausen Collar, 30 740ml PET bottles, tap, bottler, brewers log and marker and a complete Australian Lager Package including the beer kit, Brew Enhancer 1, yeast and carbonation drops for easy bottling and carbonation. The PET bottles include a CO2 and oxygen barrier.

8. Superior Home Brew Beer Kit

List Price: $147.99
Price: $138.99
You Save: $9.00 (6%)

  • Superior to Other Brew Kits Offered on the Market
  • Equipment Built to Last
  • Make Many Batches of Beer Before This Equipment Need Replacing
  • Designed by a Professional Brewer

This Superior Brewing Kit is an exclusive offer from Learn To Brew and includes all the equipment you need to get started home brewing excellent beer. No other kit is like this one. The other kits offered as deluxe beer kits do not include as much equipment or the best products for your brewing needs. For example, this kit includes a large 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket and lid as well as a siphoning set up and an auto siphon for easy priming of a siphon during transfer. The products included in the Superior Brew Kit were selected by our professional brewers to give you the best brewing experience possible and will help you make the best beer possible right from your own home. The kit includes: 6 Gallon Glass Carboy for Primary Fermentation, 5 Gallon Glass Carboy for Secondary Fermentation, Food Grade, Alcohol Filled Thermometer, Adhesive Fermentation Thermometer, 3 Disposable Hop Socks 1 Large Nylon Mesh Grain Bag, 7.8 Gallon Bottling Bucket, Drilled and Grometted Lid with Inner Seal, Bottling Spigot, 1 Drilled Rubber Stopper, Three-Piece Plastic Airlock, Auto-Siphon Pump, Racking Cane with Solids Reduction Tip, Siphon Hose Shut Off Clamp 5/16inch Food Grade Vinyl Tubing, 30inch Wire and Nylon Carboy Brush, Triple Scale Hydrometer with Instructions and Plastic Case, Durable, Double Lever Spring Loaded Bottle Capper with Magnet, Bottling Filler, 144 Bottle Caps, 15inch Wire and Nylon Bottle Brush, True Brew Handbook, Equipment Cleanser. You may hear that it is not advisable to brew in a plastic bucket. In general, if you do not take good care of your equipment, then no you should not home brew in a bucket. However, if you take good care of your food grade plastic bucket, do not throw brewing equipment in your bucket causing it to scratch the side walls, then you will be just fine brewing in plastic and will produce delicious high quality beers every time you brew. See Learn To Brew for the recommended care procedures for your bucket.

9. The Great American Micro-Brewery Co. The Beer Machine, Model 2000 + Brewry Bottling Kit

Price: $114.95

  • Primary Components: Brew Keg, Carbonation Kit, Pale Ale Mix (28 servings), Booklet
  • Includes Brewry Upgrade Kit: Bottling Platform, Filler, and Nineteen re-usable 500ml bottles and caps.
  • Size/Capacity: Makes 28 full size 12-oz. servings (2.6 gallons)
  • Perfectly sized for conditioning beer in your refrigerator.
  • Carbonation unit and pressure relief system for maintaining optimal bewing conditions.

Want to bring your fresh brewed beer wherever you go? You can. And you dont have to balance your beer glass on the way. The BrewMaster system takes the ultimate brewing machine, The Beer Machine 2000, and gives you the capability to bottle your brew with a special attachment so your beer never is exposed to the outside air before it reaches your mouth. The BrewMaster comes with 6 PET reuseable bottles and caps. So you can be the beer baron youve always wanted to beone party at a time.

10. Strange Brew Best Home Brew Starter Kit

List Price: $209.99
Price: $199.99
You Save: $10.00 (5%)

  • Strange Brew Home-Brew Starter Kit
  • Ingredients and equipment included.
  • Bottles sold separately.
  • Make five gallons of high quality home-brew.
  • Kit included toll-free Home-Brew support.

K7 Gold Complete BEER Equipment Kit with 5 Gallon Glass Carboy, carboy brush, brewing spoon and Zymurgy for the homebrewer and beer lover book. The Strange Brew Gold Complete Beer Kit includes: 7.8 Gallon Drilled Primary Fermenting Bucket with Drilled & Grommeted Lid, Bottling Spigot, 5 Gallon Glass Carboy with Rubber Stopper, 3-Piece Airlock (for Fermenting Bucket), Adhesive Thermometer (for Fermenting Bucket), Glass Triple Scale Hydrometer, Strange Brew Rack & Fill Kit, 8 Packets of C-Brite Cleanser, Twin Lever Capper, Beer Bottle Brush, True Brew Handbook, Strange Brew Bumper Sticker, Zymurgy for the Homebrewer and beer lover (book), and Toll-Free Home-Brew Support from Strange Brew Home-Brew Supplies when purchased from Home-Brew. Kit also includes Carboy brush, 5 gallon stainless steel brew pot and Amber Ale Ingredient kit with ingredients, caps, and instructions for your first batch of home-brew.

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