Top 10 Best Selling Electronic Drum Sets August 2015

Top 10 Best Electronic  Drum Sets August 2015

1. Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set 6. Hitman HD-5 Deluxe Electronic Drum Set with Throne and Software
2. Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set 7. Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit
3. Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit with Yamaha Drum Throne and Hickory Drumsticks Los Angeles Nylon 5AN and JVC Full Size Headphones 8. ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit with ChromaCast 10ft Cables, Earbuds & GoDpsMusic 5A Drumsticks
4. Kat Percussion KT3 Electronic Drum Set 9. Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro Series Electric Drum Kit – New
5. Simmons SD500 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set 10. Jammin Pro IROCKER 15-Piece Drum Set


Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set1. Alesis DM10 Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set

List Price: $1,199.00
Price: $769.95
You Save: $429.05 (36%)

  • Premium electronic drumset with DM10 high-definition drum module
  • High-definition sound library of uncompressed samples from real drums and cymbals expandable via USB/MIDI for controlling software instruments and modules
  • Exclusive Dynamic Articulation technology changes the drum timbre with changes in playing dynamics for hyper-realistic feel
  • RealHead snare, tom and kick pads use real mylar heads for authentic sticking and rebound
  • Dual-zone 8-Inch and 10-Inch pads, and Triple-zone ride cymbal exponentially expand expressive playing freedom
  • DM10 drum module features mix input for practicing with an external audio source, on-board mixer lets you dial in the perfect drum levels

Roland TD-11K-S2. Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set

List Price: $1,199.00
Price: $999.00
You Save: $200.00 (17%)

  • New V-Compact Sound Modules with SuperNATURAL
  • Mesh-Head V-Pad for Snare and Toms
  • Acclaimed V-Cymbals for Crash and Ride
  • Compact and Practical Hi-Hat Combination
  • Natural-Feel Kick Pad & Custom Stand for V-Compact V-Drums

Roland includes the following in the TD11KV V-Compact series drum set: one TD-11, two PDX-8, two PDX-6, one CY-12C, one CY-13R, on CY-5, one KD-9, one FD-8, one MDS-4V, four pad mounts, two cymbal mounts, one high hat arm, one module mount and cable set.

Yamaha DTX450K3. Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit with Yamaha Drum Throne and Hickory Drumsticks Los Angeles Nylon 5AN and JVC Full Size Headphones

Price: $729.99

  • NEW DTX400 Drum Trigger Module with 297 high-quality sounds
  • TP70S 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot, side-stick
  • Includes FP6110 Belt drive Kick Pedal and KP65 Kick Pad
  • Large 10-Inch Ride and Crash cymbals and 10-Inch Hi-Hat cymbal
  • HH65 remote hi-hat, allows half-open, pedal and splash hi-hat sounds

The Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drum Kit features a DTX400 drum trigger module with 169 voices to choose from. The module is equipped with 10 preset kits that can all be replaced with custom kits as well. The kit features a TP70S 3-zone snare pad, which allows playing the snare head, an open rimshot and a closed rimshot in each of the three zones for more musical expression. Plus, the real kick pedal affords an authentic feel for the kick drum. For added versatility, the HH65 adjustable hi-hat controller pedal supports open, closed, half and foot splash hi-hat use. There is a 10″ ride cymbal and a 10″ crash cymbal as well. The module also supports 10 training sessions for all skill levels, as well as 10 play-along songs for practicing. However, more songs can be downloaded via USB. There’s a headphone jack for added privacy and the entire kit is expandable.

Bundle Includes:
• Yamaha DTX-450K Electronic Drum Kit
• Yamaha Drum Throne
• JVC HARX300 Full-Size Headphones (Black)
• Vic Firth Drumsticks (Wood, 5A)

Kat Percussion KT3 Electronic Drum Set4. Kat Percussion KT3 Electronic Drum Set

Price: $978.50

  • 6-piece kit with newly-designed 11″ dual-zone drum pads
  • Ultra-sensitive pads for natural dynamics tracking
  • Extremely quiet pads and cymbals with natural stick rebound and feel
  • Double pedal-compatible 9″ bass drum tower
  • Three fully adjustable cymbal boom arms for the ultimate in set-up flexibility

The new 6-piece kt3 digital drum set represents KAT’s latest advancement in its “kt” drum series. This “big brother” edition of the widely acclaimed kt2 features large 11″ white floor tom and snare drum pads, a larger 12″ hi-hat cymbal, two 12″ crash cymbals, a 14″ ride cymbal with an all-new bell trigger and most importantly, a new library of amazing, high-quality sounds.

  • 550 Studio Grade Drum, Cymbal, DJ, EFX, and Percussion sounds
  • 70 Drum Kits, 45 Factory preset and 25 additional user kits
  • Full user programming options: panning, individual voice pitch adjustment, reverb, pad sensitivity control, curves, individual voice volume, midi note assignment, 3-band EQ, Tempo adjust, and more
  • 100 built in play-along tracks
  • Input for mp3 player, smartphone or tablet
  • USB/ MIDI connectivity
  • Learning mode for training and accuracy
  • Integrated sequencer for recording
  • Built-in Click Track
  • Programmable, 30/60 minute auto-power shutoff
  • Touch button panel for editing and reviewing sounds without striking kit pads
  • Built in general MIDI Sound Card provides great sounding play-along tracks
  • USB 2.0 / MIDI output for use with computer software for recording and playback
  • The 1/8″ audio input jack allows you to connect a CD player, MP3 player, smartphone or tablet, allowing you to play along with your favorite tunes
  • Two (2) 1/4″ output jacks conveniently plug into a PA system or console for studio recording or live performances
  • 1/8″ stereo output jack for your headphones or in-ear monitors for private playing
  • Two (2) trigger input jacks for adding an additional drum pad and/or cymbal (sold separately)
  • 6-piece kit with newly-designed 11″ dual zone drum pads
  • Ultra-sensitive pads for natural dynamic tracking
  • Extremely quiet pads and cymbals with a natural stick rebound and feel
  • Double pedal compatible 9″ bass drum tower
  • Three (3) fully adjustable cymbal boom arms for the ultimate in set-up flexibility
  • Larger cymbals than other drum sets in its class
  • Ride cymbal features a bell trigger
  • Independently-programmable, dual-zone crash and ride cymbals to double your kit’s cymbal sounds
  • Pre-positioned rack clamps allow quick and easy setup
  • Silent Strike bass drum beater included
  • Feather-light, durable, non-slip rack includes snare brace to secure precise snare pad positioning
  • One-piece wire harness is pre-labled for easy setup
  • Matching Velcro ties keep cables neat and organized
  • Brilliant new red accents give the kt3 a distinctive look

Simmons SD500 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set5. Simmons SD500 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set

List Price: $699.99
Price: $499.99
You Save: $200.00 (29%)

  • ConfigurationTom pad(s): 3Cymbal pad(s): 3Snare pad: 1Kickpad: YesTotal drum pads: 5Country of origin: ChinaModuleDisplay type: LCDDrum kits: 35Sounds: 352Songs: 60Trigger inputs: 12Line input: YesHeadphone jack: YesUSB: YesMP3: YesMIDI: YesTraining functions: YesClick: NoMemory: 64MBPadsPad material: RubberHoop material: PlasticZones: MultipleTom pad size: 8″Snare pad size: 9″HardwareRack material: SteelHardware pieces: 3Kick pedal: YesThrone: No

The Simmons SD500KIT full-sized 5-piece electronic drum kit includes four drum pads, three cymbal pads, hi-hat controller and an integrated kick pad/pedal, creating an ultra-realistic drum configuration. With features normally reserved for much more expensive kits, the SD500KIT is outstanding for gigging, practicing, recording and learning.Updated 500 Series pads provide advanced functionality: dual-zone snare pad, crash cymbal pad with choke, plus a no-slip grip on the kick pedal and hi-hat controller. The SD500 Module offers 352 awesome drum sounds across 35 drum kits making this kit ideal for virtually any musical genre from jazz to pop; from blues to rock and beyond. If you’re looking for power, versatility and value the Simmons SD500KIT is your electronic drum set.

Hitman HD-56. Hitman HD-5 Deluxe Electronic Drum Set with Throne and Software

Price: $399.99

  • Complete Drum Kit – Everything is included to start learning to drum like a pro!
  • Drum Module – 184 Drum Voices / 20 Preset Drum Kits / 50 Play Along Drum Patterns
  • Acoustic Drum Feel – Natural mesh rubber gives you drum pads that have a natural-feeling playing surface.
  • Heavy Duty Drum Frame – The entire kit mounts to a heavy-duty aluminum frame that’s stuper strong yet light enough to move around easily
  • USB Port – Connect your iPad or Laptop to use apps and drum software for an endless collection of sounds and musical possibilities

Entry Level Never Looked So Good!
Drummers of any age or skill will love this entry level professional grade drum kit. It contains a superior Drum Sound Module with 184 Drum Voices, Drum Cymbal and Percussion Sounds. It’s great sounding, light weight, and has a small footprint, all at an affordable price. Family members will love that it is quiet. This kit looks great and its compact drum frame fits comfortably into any home environment.
Drum Module
The Hitman HD-5 has 184 Drum Voices, 20 Preset Drum Kits with 50 play along drum patterns. You can control the mix of the Play Along drum patterns with your playing volume. The Drum Module offers incredible sound realism with its acoustic sound sample processing. It records the actual acoustic drum or percussion instrument capturing their remarkable depth, expression and essence.
Acoustic Drum Feel
The Hitman HD-5 drum pads specialize in natural-feeling playing surfaces. We use a natural mesh rubber to cover the pads that reduce vibration kickback. It gives a feeling more similar to playing an acoustic drum kit.
Included in the Box
• 1 Drum Sound Module
• 1 Bass Drum with Stand
• 1 Bass Drum kick Pedal
• 1 Hi-Hat Pedal
• 1 Eight inch Snare Drum Head Dual-Zone
• 3 Eight inch Tom Drum Pads
• 1 Twelve inch Crash Cymbal with Choke
• 1 Twelve inch Ride Cymbal
• 1 Eight inch High Hat Cymbal with Optical Sensor Foot Pedal
• 1 Durable Light Weight Drum Frame complete with mounting hardware
• 1 Kit Wiring Harness Connection Cable
• 1 Pair Stereo Headphones
• 1 Drum Throne Stool
• 1 Drum key
• 2 Drumsticks
• 1 Drumstick Holder Bag
• 1 Assembly instructions/Instrument Guide

Yamaha DTX522K Electronic7. Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Kit

List Price: $2,200.00
Price: $999.99
You Save: $1,200.01 (55%)

  • This 5-piece kit gives you the same sounds and versatility as a large acoustic drum collection at a fraction of the cost
  • The XP80 snare pad have a wonderful feel and response. It also eliminates cross talk between pads
  • The tom and kick pads have a traditional, and familiar “practice pad” surface
  • This kit is held together by the rock solid RS502 rack
  • From a bedroom to a studio or stage, this kit gets the job done

Whether you’re playing on stage or in the studio, the Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum kit gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The response is incredibly realistic, and the three-zone cymbal and snare pads add another dimension of realism to your playing. From smooth snare rolls and cymbal swells to cymbal chokes and mutes, the DTX522K simply sounds great. And when you’re practicing your chops, handy practice features like a fun scoring function help you hone your skills. If you’re eager to get into electronic drums and demand responsive and expressive feel, you need to check out the Yamaha DTX522K electronic drum kit.

ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit with ChromaCast8. ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit with ChromaCast 10ft Cables, Earbuds & GoDpsMusic 5A Drumsticks

List Price: $1,125.00
Price: $554.31
You Save: $570.69 (51%)

  • Complete electronic drum set perfect for quiet environments and areas where space is limited
  • Lightweight construction with durable, rock solid rack system
  • Crash cymbal pad, ride cymbal pad, hi-hat cymbal pad, hi-hat controller pedal, four single zone drum pads, kick drum stand and pad
  • Features ddrum DD1M module, auxiliary input for MP3 playback, USB and MIDI compatible and includes 20 preset kits, 10 user kits and 50 preset songs
  • Includes: Earbuds, Two 10ft Cables and 5A Drumsticks

The DD1 Electronic Drum Kit is a full featured electronic kit, ready to play right out of the box. A great first electronic kit, the DD1 comes complete with drum’s D1M Module that has 50 editable onboard kits so that you can go from a hard rock groove to a Caribbean beat or a custom groove with a simple push of a button.

Roland TD-30KV-S9. Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro Series Electric Drum Kit – New

Price: $9,068.52

  • Advanced sensing technology and SuperNATURAL sounds
  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds
  • Dedicated Ambience fader with room ambience and overhead mic simulation
  • USB memory port for data backup and audio playback (WAV/MP3)

The flagship kit from the masters of the most natural-playing and expressive electronic drums on the planet.

Jammin Pro IROCKER 15-Piece Drum Set10. Jammin Pro IROCKER 15-Piece Drum Set

Price: $399.99

  • Intelligent iPod Ready Dock fits for ALL iPod/iPhones Kit Configuration: Kick Pedal, Snare, Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat pedal, Tom x3, Crash, Ride Drum Kit: 15 Presets
  • Built-In adjustable digital Reverb for superb drum ambience Record output for recording your playing to iPhone or any recorder
  • Controls: Drum Kits Selection x 5, Variation, Metronome, Volume, iPod Vol, REC output level, Tempo(40-220), Reverb ON/OFF
  • Outputs: Master Output (RCA), Headphone(mini jack), Record Out (mini jack) Inputs: AUX (mini jack), USB (for Trigger-to-MIDI Interface) Power IN: DC12V adaptor (included)

The PERFECT choice for ALL Drummers: Out of the box , Compact, quiet, quick to set up, with true, natural sound, the iRocker bring surprise to all drummers . Whether you need quiet practice, tracking quickly into software, or jamming along with your iPod music library, the iRocker is a perfect choice Real Drum Feeling: iRocker features realistic, natural-feeling playing surfaces. To reduce vibration feedback, we selected natural rubber drum and cymbal surfaces for the iRocker pads. This five-piece kit gets you started on a dual-zone snare pad for two-sound compatibility. You can dial in a snare drum sound in the center and a rim click, rimshot INCREDIBLE SOUND: The iRocker features an internal collection of top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds that will blow you away. You’ll find the iRocker to be packed with 15 preset studio and live drums and cymbals, built-in digit reverb for superb ambience, The iRocker also has headphone and amplifier outputs so you can play quietly in phones or connect up and rock out. It also features USB MIDI connection for expansive flexibility and connection to a wide range of sounds and controllers. PRACTICE TOOLS: The iRocker has a metronome, an essential tool for keeping steady time whether you’re practicing alone or with a band. You can choose click, beep or even human voice. RUGGED HARDWARE: A drumset is only as strong as its weakest link. The iRocker mounts on a heavy-duty aluminum rack.

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