Top 10 Best Petzi Treat Cams And Pet Monitors August 2015

Top 10 Best Petzi Treat Cams And Pet Monitors August 2015

1. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser 6. PetSafe Train N Praise Dog Treat Dispenser
2. Petcube – Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera 7. Fujikam FI-361 HD, Wifi, Video Monitoring, Surveillance, security camera
3. icPooch Wifi Treat Dispenser 8. IZON Stem Black Wi-fi Video Monitor Surveillance for iOS 5.0+ and Android 4.2+
4. Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer 9. SINTECHNO SPC-100 Pet Collar Camera and Video Recorder
5. PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone 10. ToGoCam Mini – Wireless (Wifi) Camera for Android & iPhone Mobile Phones


Petzi Treat Cam1. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Price: $169.99

A revolutionary remote treat dispenser and camera that makes it fun and easy to connect with your pet from anywhere, at anytime.

It’s easy to connect with your pet when you are not at home using the free, secure Petzi App on your smartphone or tablet.

With a simple tap, you can SEE, SPEAK, SNAP, or TREAT

Watch the excitement on your pet’s face when you pop in. Say hello to your pet through the high quality audio.

Capture candid photos of your pet to save or share on your favorite social site. Dispense your pet’s favorite treat with the Petzi Treat Launcher, for a big smile!

A fun and easy way to connect with your pet from anywhere, at anytime

Petcube2. Petcube – Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Price: $199.00

The Petcube Camera is one of the first product that allows pet owners to watch, talk and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are.

Petcube Camera features a wide-angle (138º) camera along with real time HD video so you can see your pet easily. You can also talk to your pet as the camera has a built-in microphone and speaker. With the unique laser pointer toy you can play with your pet from your smartphone.

Through the Petcube app you can share photos taken from your smartphone or Petcube Camera to the social networks, meet fellow pet lovers and play with publicly shared pets from pet shelters and rescues.

Exercise your pet or just have a fun game with a laser pointer. Record HD videos of your pet roaming around the house or chasing the laser.

icPooch Wifi Treat Dispenser3. icPooch Wifi Treat Dispenser

List Price: $149.00
Price: $99.95
You Save: $49.05 (33%)

  • Deliver a treat over the internet and video chat with your pet, using your smartphone or tablet and the free iCPooch app.
  • Easy setup to a home wifi 802.11 b/g/n network; does not require complicated or risky wifi router reconfiguration.
  • Pet’s tablet (not included) can be placed on the adjustable mount of the iCPooch unit or placed out of slobber range.
  • Use iCPooch cookies or other round or square treats .8″ – 1″ diameter (small sleeve) and 1.5″-2″ (large sleeve), 1/4″ – 3/8″ thick, or use the included plastic dishes to dispense small kibble type treats for dogs and cats.
  • App requires Android 4.1 or later/Apple 7.0 or later.

What is iCPooch?
iCPooch is a revolutionary new way to keep in touch with your dog and relieve separation anxiety while away from home, allowing you to video chat and deliver a treat over the internet. Seamlessly conduct a 2-way video chat with your favorite furry friend and deliver a treat with the press of a button from anywhere in the world. Check on your dog while at work or on vacation to ease your pet’s anxiety (or yours). iCPooch is the perfect solution for deployed military, college bound students who will miss their furry friend, or just the busy dog owner.

What is required for iCPooch to work?
The device needs to be connected to AC power, and (wirelessly) to a wireless internet router. A tablet or smartphone is needed to control the device. The iCPooch unit easily connects to your home wifi using a smartphone or tablet (not included) and the free iCPooch app for Android (version 4.1 and later) or Apple (version 7.0 and later.

What type of dog treats can I use in iCPooch?
You can use a variety of treats from your local pet store. Generally, treats that are flat, square or round, about 1″ in diameter or 1.5″-2″ in diameter, and about .25″ thick will work. Small kibble type treats can be placed in the small plastic dishes that are included. Think of iCPooch as a Pezz dispenser for dogs.

Does a tablet or smartphone come with iCPooch?
No. A tablet or smartphone can be mounted on the device using the adjustable mounting brackets that provides video chat capability via the camera, microphone, speaker, and screen. The iCPooch hardware operates independently of the tablet/smartphone that can be mounted on the device. So you can drop a treat without video chatting with your pet. The device you use for video chat can be mounted anywhere and directed towards our device if you prefer a larger field of vision or are concerned about the safety of your device.

Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer4. Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer

List Price: $175.00
Price: $112.99
You Save: $62.01 (35%)

  • Trains through positive reinforcement
  • Links a food rewarded to desired good behavior
  • Extendable target wand can be sued with our without the base
  • Hand-held remote operates up to 100 feet away
  • Remote reward dog trainer for pet owners and professionals
  • All breeds and ages of dogs
  • Length=14 inches; Width=8 inches; Height=8 inches
  • Detailed instruction guide, comprehensive instructional DVD, extendable target wand with removable base, hand-held remote control with 100 foot signal range, 2 interchangeable food disks; 4 “D” batteries required for the base unit are not included

Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer is a remote-controlled reward system that uses positive reinforcement for training dogs to behave appropriately at home. The Electronic tool teaches calm behavior in distracting situations like visitors at the door, the family dinner table or left alone in a crate; Teaches dogs to focus on you with engaging, interactive games that provide exercise and mental stimulation; Teach dogs at a distance to perform almost any behavior, from everyday skills (such as potty training) to specialized skills (such as agility, obedience, service and military work).

Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarded. Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer is a remote-controlled reward system that uses positive reinforcement for training dogs to behave at home and perform better in competition. By rewarding desired behaviors, the system can be an invaluable tool in helping redirect a dog’s focus away from barking at the door, jumping on guests, and begging at the table. The system can also be used to train behaviors ranging from down/stay to coming when called and specialty skills such as contacts, place and go-outs.

PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone5. PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone

Price: $349.00

  • Durable & Pet Safe Design
  • Wifi Enabled + Easy to use web & mobile apps
  • Record & share videos of your pets
  • Motion & Sound Detection
  • Treat them with PetChatz Treatz & comfort them w/ calming scents

PetChatz¨ is the first-ever Greet & Treat¨ videophone that allows pet parents to interact with their pet from anywhere. With PetChatz, you can see, hear, speak to, provide a comforting scent and give your pet a treat using a smart phone or computer.

PetSafe Train 'N Praise Treat Dispenser6. PetSafe Train N Praise Dog Treat Dispenser

List Price: $79.99
Price: $45.99
You Save: $34.00 (43%)

  • Quality and performance driven products for your pet
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your pet with Pet Safe

PetSafe’s Train n’ Praise Treat Dispenser brings treat-training into the 21st century. Using a small handheld remote, you can coach good behavior from a distance as soon as it happens. These behaviors include stopping your dog from jumping on visitors at the door and begging during meal time. One push of the remote from 25 feet or less will dispense the treat of your choosing as a reward for a job well done. Use it to keep your pet away from the door when a visitor arrives, as a reward for not barking or for a positive training reinforcement.

The Train ‘n Praise System works using a handheld remote that activates the dispenser at a push of a button. Immediately, small to medium sized kibble is released. The treat dispenser can be mounted to the wall or used freestanding. It contains a low battery indicator and is AC adapter compatible.

1. Handheld remote activates treat dispenser
2. Wall-mounted or free standing
3. Range up to 25 feet
4. Low-battery indicator
5. Works with dry kibble or treats up to 1/2 inch in size (slightly smaller than a dime)

Package Includes:

1. Treat dispenser
2. Remote transmitter
3. 4 AA batteries
4. 1 3-volt lithium battery (CR2032)
5. Mounting hardware
6. Product Manual

Fujikam7. Fujikam FI-361 HD, Wifi, Video Monitoring, Surveillance, security camera,plug/play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision

List Price: $199.99
Price: $99.99
You Save: $100.00 (50%)

  • Remote Live Video Streaming Via Smart Phone, Tablet, PC
  • Indoor Use Only | Requires Internet Access and Wired Power Outlet
  • Video Recording To Internal SD Card only, No Remote Recording, Digital Zoom.
  • Remote Pan and Tilt, Motion Detection Alert, Night Vision
  • 2 Way Voice, HD 1280 X 720 Clear Image Quality

Change your life into a relaxed lifestyle, The fujikam Hd FI-361 allows you to be away from home or on a long vacation leaving your property, family members or pets at home your Smartphone or tablet your Apple Store or Google Play

3 Dbi Antenna for extreme reliable Wi-Fi connection
Card slot record directly to Micro SD supported for 32 GB
QR Code Scan to download the free MIPC app setup
WPS button for ez Wi-Fi connection setup
Power interface, Cable interface, Digital zoom
Real Plug and Play 5 minute setup
Motion detection snap shot or video alerts
Remote Live Video Streaming Via Smart Phone, Tablet, PC
Remote Stunning Pen and Tilt control
320 degree x 120 degree covers every corner of your home
Strong and heavy abs rubber based material

Clear Two-Way Voice built in mic and speaker
Stunning Video Quality Face to face effect
HD Video Real Time 1280 x 720p 25 fps
H.264 video compression format with maximum clarity
Ir cut for capture love images
Superior high quality 3.6mm Lens
One million pixel high definition
12 IR LEDs for Night Vision Up to 10
Meters distance for 24-hour

IZON Stem Black8. IZON Stem Black Wi-fi Video Monitor Surveillance for iOS 5.0+ and Android 4.2+

List Price: $149.95
Price: $99.95
You Save: $50.00 (33%)

  • Secure live video with even easier camera setup
  • WiFi-enabled home security
  • Control via app for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android Devices (iOS 5.0+ and Android 4.2+)
  • Noise and motion alerts for home security when you can’t be there
  • Multiple uses: Nanny Cam, Pet Camera, Security Camera, Baby Monitor and More

The izon View video monitoring camera allows you to stay connected with what you love most. In just a few minutes, you’ll have the camera set up and streaming live video directly to you over your secure Wi-Fi internet connection.

Many people are using the izon View as a nanny cam, a pet camera or as a self-monitoring security camera. You will use the free izon app to see and listen to real-time streaming of your home or office, at any time, via smartphone or tablet. The izon also features night vision. It works seamlessly to fit your needs as a baby monitor, pet camera, office or home camera.

The izon app lets you customize your motion and sound alert sensitivity. When the camera detects motion or sound it automatically begins secure online Cloud Video Recording (CVR), and alerts you with push notifications. You can open the app to review recorded clips. The izon does not slow your bandwidth, and the app lets you store up to 25 recordings a day with the first 100 recordings saved for free. The izon works with both Android and iOS devices, and the app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Taking control of your security has never been easier, in under five minutes you will complete set up and have live video streaming of everything you love most.

What’s in the box?
• One black izon View video monitor
• One camera base
• Mounting hardware
• 9′ power cable
• AC power supply (100/240v)
• Power adapter
• Quick start guide

You’ll find greater peace of mind when you’re monitoring what you love most with the izon View. Works with Android and IOS devices.

SINTECHNO SPC9. SINTECHNO SPC-100 Pet Collar Camera and Video Recorder

List Price: $50.00
Price: $40.35
You Save: $9.65 (19%)

  • Record movie with hi-resolution; check out the hilarious point of view and the behavior of your lovely pet
  • Modes: Record movie & take photos (JPEG): every 1/3/5/10/15 minutes
  • Built-in Microphone to record sound; File Format: WAV
  • Required: Micro SDHC memory card up to 32GB (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Content: one pet video camera (Blue or Yellow) with accessories: USB cable and pet collar.

0.3 MP CMOS Sensor Five Digital “88888+ICON” Monochrome LCD display Time lapse setting to take photos: every 1/3/5/10/15min. (photo image); JPEG Video & Photos: 640*480 Pixels @30fps; File Formats: AVI; JPEG Built-in Microphone to record sound; File Format: WAV Built in Lithium battery (3.7V 220mAh) Rechargeable by provided USB cable Required: Micro SDHC memory card up to 32GB micro SD card (NOT INCLUDED) Capacity: Photo: 1500 pcs/ Video: 1.5 hours (fully charged power) INCLUDED Accessories: USB cable and Pet Collar Supported OS: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista,Windows7

ToGoCam Mini10. ToGoCam Mini – Wireless (Wifi) Camera for Android & iPhone Mobile Phones

Price: $74.00

  • Audio and video w/ clear Night Vision from your WiFi ToGoCam camera anytime from anywhere.
  • Baby Camera, Child Camera (latchkey Kids), Home Monitoring Camera, Pet Camera, or Office Camera.
  • ToGoCam mobile app and auto-installer are simple and intuitive. No technical know-how needed *** Recently enhanced Installer application for even easier setup then before!
  • Secured with SSL Encryption and username & password for authentication. Also, enable/disable the cameras Internet access directly from the app.
  • Click of a button sharing for your ToGoCam camera’s audio and video with friends and family.

The ToGoCam Mini WiFi camera is a versatile WiFi camera that is simple to setup and uses our intuitive mobile app with no any technical know-how necessary.

Our ToGoCam App allows for easy sharing of your camera so that other can access it, simply with the click of a button. Now you can immediately see the camera on your extra phone, spouse’s phone, team’s phones, etc…

ToGoCam cameras are secured by using SSL Encryption and User Authentication to help keep all unwanted eyes out. Additionally you can enable/disable the camera’s internet access at anytime.

Popular uses for our the ToGoCam Mini is Baby Camera, Pet Camera, Child Camera, Elderly Camera, Home Camera, or Office Camera.

Other highlights include:

1. View video stream on any mobile phone / device or tablet.

2. Easy to share allowing other mobile phones to view the camera.

3. View camera on home WiFi or 3G/4G cellular connections.

4. Adjust basic camera settings directly from the app.

5. Night Vision is supported up to 32 feet.

6. Motion detection – Allowing you to get text messages or emails to your phone or computer anytime there is movement in front of the camera (great for baby cameras or home monitoring). It also supports a scheduler for auto-enabling/disabling the Motion Detection feature. (Manual Update)

Other features: comes with extended power cable of 6 feet, and includes the camera bracket and Ethernet cable. Finally our camera is backed by our technical support team which is always here to help for any of your questions or suggestions.

We do not use any third party software ensuring our cameras work well and are less vulnerable to problems.

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