Top 10 Best Timeshare Books September 2012

Top 10 Best Timeshare Books September 2012

Want to learn how to get the most out of your timeshare, or want to sell it fast?

1. RCI Points User Guide 6. The Truth About Timeshares
2. Timeshare Tips & Tricks 7. Money-Saving Timeshares Investing Tips
3. Used Timeshares: A Guide 8. Top Dollar for Your Timeshare
4. Timeshare Whisperer to the Rescue 9. Simplifying Timeshare Vacation Ownership
5. Profiting From Timeshares 10. Interval Ownership Wisdom The Book

1. RCI Points User Guide: Tips, Tricks and Secrets – A practical guide to understanding and using RCI Points

Price: $12.95

From a history of timeshare and a history of RCI through the use of RCI points in both weeks and points environments. Emphasis also placed on instant exchange, last call, Getaway vacations and Platinum Points

The author has extensive experience in the timeshare industry and has worked for four of the major timeshare companies. He also worked for a timeshare resale company and understands the in’s and outs of time share resales including the advantages and disadvantages of same. Allen Kelley attended the Duke University School of Creative Writing and Rochester Institute of Technology. He has had numerous magazine articles published and also published the Florida Disaster Recovery Newsletter. Allen also wrote a PC technology column for a popular newspaper for a period of time.

2. Timeshare Tips & Tricks: Stay at five star resorts for pennies, eliminate maintenance costs, trade, what to do when you don’t want it anymore.

List Price: $19.95
Price: $17.95
You Save: $2.00 (10%)

This is a how to guide that explains in detail how to best utilize any timeshare. Written by a timeshare insider. This book gives you detailed instructions on how to do everything with your timeshare from renting it, to trading to 5 Star Resorts, selling it, as well as getting reservations you never thought possible! This book will help anyone who is familiar with the industry or anyone who owns any type of timeshare no matter who the developer is.

I began my career 10 years ago in the timeshare industry in the heart of the strip in Las Vegas Nevada. Starting out I worked for the first developer of timeshare industry which is now currently the 2nd largest private developer in the world. During my years I have worked in various different aspects of the industry and self-educated myself with all the information available through these companies as well as online books and courses. One of my first experiences in the industry was selling timeshare re-sales, where we charged people an upfront listing fee to sell their units. After this I became aware the company I was working for along with nearly every other was scamming owners out of their hard earned money. This job made me aware of the fact that nearly every timeshare owner would like to sell their timeshare or rent it at some point in their life, but there were few legitimate resources for them to turn to. Starting around 5 years ago I began a career as an in-house sales professional for one of the top private developers in the industry. During my first two years I was the number one sales agent in the entire corporation. During this time I talked to thousands of timeshare owners and found out their needs and concerns and how they would best like them handled. Progressing through my career I went into sales management and have lastly moved to the largest developer Wyndham Vacation Ownership. After dealing with owners of various different programs I had many more owners all with similar concerns. Because of the lack of knowledge and training the developers give timeshare owners many owners do not know how to use their property to their full advantage. I have written my book and started my accompanying business to bring honesty and ethics to the secondary market. My goal is to make sure as many people as possible never fall prey to a scam again and find legitimate and easy ways to use their packages to their fullest advantage.

3. Used Timeshares: A Guide to Buying, Using, Exchanging, Renting, and Disposing of Timeshares

Price: $14.50

Buying timeshares doesn’t have to be complicated. But you do need to know more about them before purchasing indiscriminately. If you don’t educate yourself, you could end up paying too much for a property that you don’t really enjoy. Even if you are happy with your choice, you may find it difficult to rent, exchange, or sell your unit when the time comes for you to enjoy a new version of paradise. Fortunately, this guidebook takes away the mystery from buying, exchanging, renting, and disposing of timeshares. You’ll find out everything you need to know, including: • how to avoid scams and save money on timeshares; • how to get the most enjoyment out of your stay; • how to exchange timeshares in order to experience new destinations; • how to escape unwanted ownership commitments. Written by a pro who makes it a point to enjoy all corners of the globe, this guidebook provides the definitive answers you’ll need to select the vacation spots that you’ll enjoy the most and that will maintain their value the best.

4. Timeshare Whisperer to the Rescue: Eliminate Maintenance Fees! Discover the Secerts of Selling, Buying, Rental, Bartering

List Price: $12.95
Price: $11.21
You Save: $1.74 (13%)

A descriptive and enlightening journey through the ins and outs of timeshare. Learn how to eliminate maintenance fees, exchange company membership and booking fees. Learn how to sell, buy, rent or trade your timeshare. A valuable and must have tool for anyone interested in the secrets of timeshare. For the past twelve years we have been teaching the owners and would be owners of timeshare the secrets of selling, buying, renting, and bartering of a timeshare. You are about to learn how to leverage your timeshare and make a small fortune with it! Could a technique that is thousands of years old be the key to turning your timeshare into a winning lottery ticket? The following pages are whispering secrets that will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of timeshare. You will soon understand why our students have such great success with their timeshare ownership, and rarely do they consider giving up that ownership. If you feel you are stuck in Timeshare level 101, after learning the tools in this book you will be ready for graduation. Frustrated or confused about what to do with your timeshare? This book gives you buying tips, selling tips, and even more importantly, it explains how to leverage a timeshare and possibly make a small fortune with it. Learn tricks of the trade from insiders and amazing facts very few people know about. Herein you will discover secrets of the timeshare industry known to very few. You will discover how to get the best use out of your timeshare ownership and put money right back into your pocket! Whether you are considering buying a timeshare, selling a timeshare, or if you just want the biggest bang for the buck out of your existing ownership, the answers are here. If you’re sick and tired of maintenance fees, if you have a hard time getting the exchanges you want, and, if you want to know how to stretch your one week of ownership into three, four, or more weeks of vacation each and every year, then read on. Many think that they “have what they have” and that is it. This is so far from reality. This book explains how to leverage a timeshare! If you use only one simple tip from this book, we guarantee it will be worth many times the amount you paid for it. Isn’t a great “ah-ha!” moment worth the price of a good lunch? Maintenance or H.O.A. fees from your home resort never stop. Exchange company membership and exchange fees keep adding up. Keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Use the tools available, then smile and wave goodbye to those never ending timeshare related bills. See how one family leveraged their $25,000 timeshare to a value of over $172,000 in just ten years! Even those that have owned since the ‘70’s can learn a few tricks with this information. Seem to get your exchange requests declined more often than not? Search results never seem to come up with a match? Regardless of the system you’re in, learn how to achieve greater success and get maximum results. “Knowledge is Power” Let’s give you some power!

5. Profiting From Timeshares In A Striving Economy: How to easily and successfully find and buy timeshares for sale and then make a profit from it!

Price: $15.95

If you are a family or an individual who goes on vacation on a regular basis simply to enjoy life, then investing in timeshares can be a really good decision! Timeshares are now the next preference to the expensive cost of hotel stays or owning a vacation home. Buying a timeshare is buying vacation property ownership for the right to use it at an agreed specified time period. Is it right for you? Does it make any financial sense to buy? How do you go about buying? Where do you look for prime vacation spots worthy of your investment money? How do you take full advantage of its investment value? Is it wise to buy in these hard economic times? You will find all of the answers to these questions in this book and more. So go ahead, choose your favorite vacation destination and invest wisely on timeshares, then profit from this investment even in this troubled economy.

6. The Truth About Timeshares: What is a timeshare? (Volume 1)

Price: $14.97

As a timeshare owner, you may have many questions as to what you really own. With the uncertainties of what a timeshare contract really is, you have lingering puzzle pieces in your mind, and are trying to fit them together with inaccurate or misleading information. The secrets of the timeshare industry are revealed in my book, The Truth About Timeshares. The timeshare resale market is saturated with timeshares for sale, but there are simply no takers these days! Many timeshare owners are questioning the truth about their timeshare interval ownership, whether they own with Wyndham or Worldmark, or at a diamond resort. Why is the timeshare resale market declining, yet maintenance fees are rising more than ever before? What is a special assessment?No matter what exchange companies they use; whether they exchange their week through RCI or Interval International, they are questioning why their interval exchange is so difficult. Many timeshare owners ask, “What is a vacation club?”, “What is a timeshare contract, and what does it really entail?” After years of ownership with non-use, and several listing attempts with no results, many owners are asking “How to sell my timeshare?” or simply “How do I get out of my timeshare?” These are just a few questions among many, and all the answers are revealed in my book, The Truth About Timeshares!

7. Money-Saving Timeshares Investing Tips: Basic Information About Timeshares Plus Good Strategies For Selling Timeshares So You Can Sell Your Timeshare … And Get Back Huge Profit From Your Investment

Price: $15.95

You are perhaps contemplating on buying timeshares in some part of the country or the world. You question, with the down economy is it a worthy investment at all? Or maybe you’ve already invested on timeshare property that you meant to use for vacation getaways but it’s nowadays, most of the time, not in use and yet you keep paying for the monthly and annual fees. And so, you think of selling it or renting it out to obtain much-needed money or to get your initial investment back. Timeshares can be very worthwhile investments. It is not only a practical piece of real estate for the reason that it is a residence standing by whenever you are ready to go on holiday. More importantly, you can really obtain a hefty profit from it when you sell the property or rent it out. This book will give out some of the following tips and more: 1. Foresight in location is important. We all know that in real estate, properties in major tourist destinations are pricey. If you’re buying timeshares, you might want to consider less popular locations but with the potential to grow big in years to come. This way, you’ve saved a lot of money in buying the property but earn a hefty return by the time you want to sell or rent out. 2. Do your research. Investing wisely requires common sense and shrewdness. Before finalizing any contract, be sure to make inquiries to evaluate several properties and investigate all there is to know about the property you plan to buy.

8. Top Dollar for Your Timeshare – How to buy or sell your timeshare for the best price

Price: $20.00

You can sell your timeshare, if you know how. Top Dollar for Your Timeshare will help you to understand the process and the methods used by sellers in-the-know. So, if you’ve ever asked, “How can I sell my timeshare?” With this book, you can get the best price for your timeshare. When you want to get out of, or transfer, your timeshare – for whatever reason – you want it done quickly. Also includes how to get the best price when purchasing a timeshare. Invaluable information for timeshare buyers and sellers.

9. Simplifying Timeshare: Vacation Ownership-The Complete How To

Price: $21.49

This book comes from personal experience, both as a long time timeshare owner and from selling vacation ownership. What prompted this book? Well, for too many years I have listened to too many people whom, for whatever reasons have a negative impression about the timeshare or vacation ownership industry. As an owner I inevitably found myself asking them why. The reasons varied from ?they do not work? to ?we cannot afford it.? For those folks this book will open your eyes. The second reason was for all those owners who honestly do not have a clue as to what they own. I wanted to let people understand something that they did not already know or have simply forgotten. Having been a timeshare owner for over twenty-five years I understand, and have experienced, the public perception of the industry. I have also seen it change dramatically during that time. However, it was during my first few years in Mexico when I sold timeshare that I came to understand, and appreciate, the real public perception of the industry. From these experiences I realized that the industry could use a simple ?how to? and ?why? book. The book is written in a simple, straight forward manner that is easy to understand. The book covers the history, marketplace, the players, the IN?s and Out?s of attending a sales presentation, of buying one — good and bad, legislation and much more. A quick, easy read it contains personal stories and antidotes, and easy, self awareness quizzes for you to do. By the end you will know whether or not timeshare is right for your lifestyle.

10. Interval Ownership Wisdom The Book About Vacation TimeSharing

Price: $15.69

There are only so many options available for vacationing. These include: owning a vacation home outright, pay as you go and stay at hotels & motels, camping or rving or motor homing, possibly staying with friends or family and timeshare or interval ownership. Interval ownership, hereafter referred to as timeshare, is where you receive all the same benefits of vacation home ownership, but you will generally own the week or two that you use.

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