Top 10 Best Selling New Electronic Toys August 2015

Top 10 Best New Electronic Toys August 2015

Toys for the geek and techie of all ages. The newest toys on the market for children of all ages. Take you imagination to a whole new level.

1. Sphero 2.0 – The App-Enabled Robotic Ball 6. Kano Computer Kit
2. Ollie for Android and iOS 7. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard
3. Osmo Gaming System for iPad 8. littleBits Electronics Deluxe Kit
4. Anki DRIVE Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing Game 9. RampShot Backyard Game
5. PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane 10. EO1 Black by Electric Objects, A Computer Made for Art


Sphero1. Sphero 2.0 – The App-Enabled Robotic Ball

Price: $99.99

  • Robot, Smart Toy, Gaming System
  • Geek out with the smartest toy on the block. Now faster and brighter than ever, this robot will change the way you play.
  • Now faster, brighter, and smarter than ever. The future of gaming is here, and you hold the power.
  • Unleash Spheros inner robot and program like a pro.

Meet Sphero – the app-enabled ball that does it all. Intelligent and well-rounded, Sphero lets you play, learn, and explore. Create obstacle courses, upgrade family game night with multiplayer fun, or learn to program with our free SPRK lessons. This virtually unstoppable companion is waterproof, pet-proof, and ready for any adventure. It’s time to upgrade your play.

Control Sphero, turn your living room into a video game with augmented reality apps, or upgrade family game night with multiplayer games. Sphero is also pet-proof, swims and is ready to roll wherever you go.

Choose from over 30 apps and launch a whole new world of gameplay. The result is limitless possibilities for new types of connected play that meld the virtual and real worlds for a fun gaming experience.

A Teachable Robot

Sphero believes play is a powerful teacher. While the toy is fun first, Sphero’s SPRK program (Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids) was created to harness the power of learning and creativity that many early adopters found in the robotic ball. While kids are having fun they are learning the complex principles of computer programming, math and science and applying them to physical world. SPRK’s approachable lesson plans empower parents and teachers to excite kids, so it’s no wonder that over 4,500 teachers in 20 countries have used SPRK to teach 90,000 students. While kids instantly gravitate to Sphero, SPRK students range from elementary school through high school grades.

Ollie2. Ollie for Android and iOS

Price: $99.99

Meet Ollie – the app-enabled robot driven by adrenaline. Launch over the competition at floor-warping speeds. Spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Then switch up your ride with custom tires and hubcaps. Ollie is engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, and customized by you.

ENGINEERED FOR SPEED. Launch over the competition at floor-warping speed with complete control. Ollie is awesomely agile thanks to its tubular design.
PROGRAMMED FOR TRICKS. Spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Then create, master, and share your trick combinations with friends.
CUSTOMIZED BY YOU. Switch up your ride with different tires and hubcaps. The world is your playground when you can conquer any terrain.

Taking a nod from skateboarding culture, Ollie is a complete adrenaline junkie that rockets around at floor-warping speeds and does ridiculous tricks. We’re continuing to extend the world of physical play to the digital life circling around us.
The best thing about Ollie was pushing the limit of what we thought possible with speed and durability. The biggest challenge was getting a Bluetooth system to function consistently at far distances, which was solved by changing the antenna in the production process. It was also difficult to make something so durable.

Osmo Gaming System for iPad3. Osmo Gaming System for iPad

Price: $76.99

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory that will change the way your child plays. Crafted with reflective artificial intelligence, a groundbreaking technology that bridges the real and digital realms.

Bridge the physical and digital. In this digital age, the iPad offers young minds a great platform for learning and playing. But, when kids are interacting only with a touchscreen, they’re spending less time engaging with their physical world. Osmo is a technology system that bridges the physical and digital worlds by taking gameplay beyond the screen.
Anyone, anytime, anywhere. Osmo isn’t just for kids. Designed for anyone aged 6 and up, this educational toy can be enjoyed by nearly everyone in the family. Siblings can challenge each other in Words, best friends can work together in Newton, or dad and daughter can sweat it out in Tangram. Kids, parents, grandparents, and friends alike can play with Osmo anywhere, anytime. Even at Grandma’s house, where there’s no WiFi connection.
Osmo is compatible with all versions of iPad 2 and up, all versions of iPad mini and all versions of iPad Air.
Set your iPad on the stand, place the red reflector over your iPad’s camera, and you’re ready to play!
Osmo has gotten rave reviews from USA Today, Yahoo! Tech, The Wall Street Journal, and more! Time Magazine named Osmo one of the top inventions of 2014.
Kids and adults alike can cultivate their minds and creativity through Osmo’s games: Newton: 60+ levels of creative engineering. Guide virtual balls with real-life objects. Words: Unlimited content. Guess and spell hidden words with physical tiles. Tangram: 500+ visual and spatial puzzles. Arrange puzzle pieces to build challenging shapes. Masterpiece: Draw anything and everything. Supercharge your drawing skills. 
and more to come…

Anki DRIVE Starter Kit4. Anki DRIVE Starter Kit Smart Robot Car Racing Game

Price: $99.99

Race Real Robot Cars. Part toy, part video game, Anki DRIVE is all-out high-speed family fun. You can go head-to-head with your family or put your skills to the ultimate test against in-game Commanders in this first-of-its-kind battle racing game.
Gameplay. Battle up to four Anki DRIVE cars per track and upgrade your vehicles with weapons and gadgets for complete race mayhem. Choose between two exciting game modes: Battle Mode and Race Mode. Whether you’re the first car to score a set number of takeout wins or you’re in an all-out fight to the finish line, you’ll be at the edge of your seat no matter what mode you choose. Feeling friendly? You also have the option to team up with your friends, family or the in-game commanders to battle against any opponents you want to challenge.
Ready, Set, Battle. With your iOS or Android device, everything your family needs to play is in the Starter Kit. Open the box, unroll the track, and unleash two unique robot car warriors: Boson, the Fast Attacker, and Kourai, the Agile Striker. Challenge friends to a head-to-head battle, or see if you have what it takes to beat a self-controlled robot car.

Starter Kit includes:
2 robot cars (Boson and Kourai)
1 race track (Starter Kit)
2 charging cases + 3-port power cord
1 tire cleaner
Getting Started. To get into the race, download the free Anki Drive app from the App Store or Google Play. Players must have an iOS or Android device to control a car. Check compatibility at
The Starter Kit comes with Boson and Kourai. Under the hood of each Anki DRIVE car is a built-in computer. This hardware gives every vehicle the ability to effortlessly stay on the track as you fire at opponents and maneuver your position.

PowerUp5. PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Price: $49.99

PowerUp 3.0 durable, crash proof design makes it an easier and more enjoyable option to traditional, bulky and battery intensive remote control helicopters and planes. The PowerUp 3.0 Bluetooth, Smart Module transforms ordinary paper planes into motorized machines, controllable directly from your smartphone. It’s also an educational experience — PowerUp 3.0 meshes origami, physics and incorporates all the components of STEAM, (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math). This unique combination allows for schools and teachers to educate students on the basic principles of flight, aerodynamics, and lift. With 180 feet/ 55 meter range, and 10 minutes of flight time capability, PowerUp 3.0 is the first choice in flight.

Crash-proof design | 10 min. flight on a charge | 180 feet range | FlightAssist TM technology.

Bluetooth SMART seamless connection | beginner and advanced modes | Precision turning with responsive motion | iOS and Android friendly.

Fold a sheet of paper into a paper airplane. Attach the Smart Module to your paper airplane. Tilt your smartphone to steer and increase or reduce throttle to go up or down.

Kano Computer Kit6. Kano Computer Kit

Price: $149.99

Kano is a computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Our mission is to give people a simple, fun way to create with technology, and take control of the world around them.

Our Fastest Ever Kit. Introducing our latest computer kit. With a new board providing the fastest ever Kano experience, it is packed with the latest version of our new & improved OS – full of content and challenges for budding creators.
Make Art – paint masterpieces with programming. Or dive into Terminal Quest, a text-based adventure that unlocks the power of the command line – use Linux spells to solve a mystery and save the world.
Drag new code blocks in Pong and Minecraft, to trigger sounds, Moshi Monsters characters, backgrounds, water slides, sky jails, and TNT. Get stuck in with weekly challenges to keep your kid engaged.
Make your own Kano Character. Join our online World, where new makers can see, learn, and share the code behind thousands of creations – with full parental controls.
Kano is a story. With illustrated ideas and simple steps, build a computer, make stuff, and explore a new world. Make your own characters and level up.
Kano started because of a challenge from Micah, 6. He wanted to build his own computer. But he didn’t want “anyone to teach him.” It had to be “as simple and fun as Lego”. At Kano, we create computer and coding kits, designed for all ages, all over the world. Our mission is to give anyone, anywhere, the power to make and play with technology.

Boosted Dual7. Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Price: $1,499.00

Your hoverboard has finally arrived. Experience the joy of riding through your city, campus, or neighborhood as if you were surfing a wave or snowboarding through fresh powder. You won’t be able to stop smiling whether you’re running errands, riding to work, or just enjoying a sunny day with your friends and family. Using a lithium battery, powerful motors and brakes, and simple wireless control, we’ve turned a beautiful Loaded longboard into an incredible electric vehicle.

Advanced electric vehicle technology. With 3 onboard microprocessors, a multitude of sensors, automotive-grade lithium batteries, and mobile connectivity, this isn’t your father’s electric skateboard. We designed the Boosted board to be an incredibly powerful yet amazingly reliable vehicle, even after thousands of miles of use.
Incredible fun. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll experience joy every time you ride. The flexible bamboo deck from Loaded and compliant wheels from Orangatang make it perfect for carving, while the amazing torque and power let you actually accelerate uphill. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
An average range of 7 miles makes it perfect for short fun trips throughout your day.
As light as 13.5 pounds, it’s portable enough to carry indoors, on public transit, or in the trunk of a car.
An adjustable top speed starts at just 10 mph as you learn, and then unlocks up to 22mph.

littleBits Electronics Deluxe Kit8. littleBits Electronics Deluxe Kit

Price: $199.00

At littleBits, we are on a mission to unleash creativity by empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small, with our platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks.

Empowering Invention & Innovation. littleBits easy to use electronic building blocks make creative discovery and invention intuitive for next-generation thinkers, designers, and makers. No programming, soldering or wiring required.
Build Creative Confidence. Evolve the way you think by developing design and critical thinking skills through the littleBits cycle of invention.
Bits are color-coded and snap together with magnets to create circuits instantly. Each module has a specific function and all modules snap together to make larger circuits. Building circuits is simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to create inventions large and small in a matter of seconds. Invent Anything!

RampShot Backyard Game9. RampShot Backyard Game

Price: $59.99

A perfect day for us includes hanging out with friends and family, firing up the grill, and playing some outdoor games. Our brand new outdoor game, RampShot, was created for those moments. Whether in the backyard or at the beach, RampShot is sure to stir up a little friendly competition and be the highlight of your next get together.

Be Ready to Make the Big Play! Three out of four players are always active in a game of RampShot, keeping everyone engaged and on their toes! More players involved means; More Action, More Excitement, and More Fun!
Get in the Groove! Players take turns tossing four racquetball sized balls at the ramp. The grooves on the ramps make for unpredictable bounces that lead to exciting plays and highlight reel catches.
We Have a Winner!

RampShot is a winner of A&E Network’s Project StartUp and was recognized by the National Sporting Goods Association as a “Top Ten” new product in 2015!

Made in the USA. RampShot ramps are proudly made in the USA and built to last. Designed with superior quality in mind, RampShot was built tough for years of enjoyment.
Here We Go! Light enough to toss in the backseat yet strong enough to deal with the riggors of play. RampShot ramps stack neatly, making them easy to carry and always ready to go!
It’s Game Time! Fists pumps, bragging rights, and going all out when the game is on the line are all par for the course in any game of RampShot. RampShot gives friends and families a chance to spend time together and create new memories of big-time plays, close games, and great times.

EO1 Black by Electric Objects10. EO1 Black by Electric Objects, A Computer Made for Art

Price: $499.00

There’s more art on the Internet than in every gallery and museum on Earth, and Electric Objects EO1 is a new way to bring these beautiful works of art into your home. Discover original art from some of the best artists and most storied institutions in the world, and share the experience with the rest of the Electric Objects community.

Experience a Screen Designed for Art. Designed from the ground up for displaying art, EO1 is like no screen or computer you’ve ever seen. No alerts, no feeds, no notifications to distract you. We took great care to design an experience that truly blends into the background, that lets the art take center stage.
Change Your Art from Anywhere. Change the art in your home right from the Electric Objects app, available for iOS and Android. Browse your own library of uploaded images, animated GIFs, videos, or webbased art, or view art displayed by the community. Best of all, join the Electric Objects Art Club to access monthly collections of original work made specifically for Electric Objects!
Easy Setup. Connect EO1 to your home WiFi network in just a few seconds. EO1 comes with both Stand and Wall Mount, so you can hang it on a wall or rest it on a shelf or table.
Discover A World of Internet Art. With EO1 you can display any art that you find on the Internet. With an optional Art Club subscription, explore and enjoy original art made specifically for Electric Objects.
Partnership Collections. We’re working closely with museum, libraries, and other organizations to bring the best of their collections from the Internet to your home.

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