Top 10 Best-selling Survival Gear

Top 10 Best-selling Survival Gear

1. Mountain House Emergency Meal Kit 6. Emergency Sleeping Bag, Reflective Blanket
2. AlpineAire Foods 7 Day Gourmet Meal Kit 7. 7″ Hunting Knife with Fire Starter
3. Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar – 3 Day 8. Datrex Emergency Water Pouches Case of 64
4. Gerber Bear Survival Ultimate Kit 9. 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe 72 Hour Kits
5. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets 10. Ready America Grab `N Go 4 Person Backpack

1. Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit

List Price: $52.00
Price: $46.04
You Save: $5.96 (11%)

Kit Contents:

  • Granola with blueberries and milk
  • Scrambled eggs with Bacon
  • Scrambled eggs with ham and peppers
  • Garden green peas
  • Whole kernel corn
  • Cut green beans
  • Beef stroganoff
  • Chicken teriyaki
  • Chili mac with beef
  • Rice and chicken
  • Pasta primavera
  • Sweet and sour pork with rice

Ideal for keeping on hand in the event of emergencies, power failures, hurricanes, floods, and other unexpected events, this 72-hour Emergency Meal Kit from Mountain House provides hearty meals that are easy to prepare under challenging circumstances. The kit includes three breakfasts, three side vegetables, and six 10-ounce packets of lunch or dinner entrees. Featuring a seven-year shelf life, all of the meals can be easily prepared by adding water.

2. AlpineAire Foods 7 Day Gourmet Meal Kit (25 Pouches)

List Price: $140.53
Price: $97.74
You Save: $42.79 (30%)

Breakfasts Include:

  • Blueberry Honey Granola with Milk
  • Strawberry Honey Granola with Milk
  • 5-Grain Fruit and Nut Cereal
  • Honey Apple Granola with Milk

Lunches and Soups Include:

  • Peanut Butter and Cracker Lunch
  • Cheese and Cracker Lunch
  • Chicken Almond Salad
  • Alpine Minestrone
  • Kernals Corn Chowder
  • “Soup-er” Split Pea
  • Mountain Chili

Dinners Include:

  • Beef Rotini
  • All American Roast Beef Hash
  • Hash Browns with Reds and Greens
  • Western Style Tamale Pie
  • Santa Fe Black Beans and Rice
  • Potatoes with Cheddar and Chives
  • Spaghetti Marinara
  • Pasta Roma
  • Chicken Rotelle

Desserts Include:

  • Apple Almond Crisp
  • Bananas Foster
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Bavarian Cream
  • Chocolate Mudslide Pie
  • Peach Crumble

The AlpineAire Foods 7 Day Gourmet Meal Kit provides a convenient and cost effective way to eat for the better part of a week. The kit contains 25 complete entree pouches that include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options. Each pouch represents one meal with an average calorie count of 2,000 per day. No cooking is required to enjoy these ready-made meals. Simply add water and serve.

3. Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar – 3 Day/72 Hour Bar – Single Pack

Price: $9.47

  • 5 Year Shelf Life
  • Approved by U.S. Coast Guard

With a shelf-life of 5 full years, our Emergency Rations are simply the best source of emergency nutrition available. Unlike MRE’s, which are high in sodium and only suitable for use by those with an extremely large pure water supply, our rations are low in sodium, balanced with our Emergency Water Pouches to provide full nutrition and energy 24 hours a day without dehydrating the consumer. Lightweight, compact, and portable, these rations will last an individual for 3 days, providing 4 meals each day. They are easy to digest and have a pleasing coconut cookie flavor. With such unbeatable nutrition, portability, and practicality, it’s no wonder the U.S. Coastguard has certified these Emergency rations for use anywhere. Rations contain coconut and wheat. Please consult your physician if you have any special dietary conditions such as active Crohn’s Disease or Diabetes. Young children can be fed a half ration, and ration can be mixed with water for babies and others with sensitive digestion or missing teeth. Available for individual purchase or purchase by the case. Case contains 30 individually wrapped 2400 calorie ration bars. Shelf life: 5 years.

4. Gerber 31-000701 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit

List Price: $67.50
Price: $35.82
You Save: $31.68 (47%)

  • 15-piece survival kit built for hostile environment
  • Includes Gerber miniature multi-tool for a range of applications
  • Survival blanket, fire starter, snare wire, fishing and sewing kits, and more
  • Land to air rescue and SOS instructions
  • Comes with Bear Grylls’ Priorities of Survival pocket guide

The product of collaboration between Gerber and survival expert Bear Grylls, the Ultimate Kit is a 15-piece survival kit built for hostile environments. It fits in your pack and has everything you need–including Gerber’s miniature multi-tool, a fire starter, a survival blanket, and a wire cutter–to survive even in the toughest spots.

5. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)

List Price: $39.99
Price: $8.10
You Save: $31.89 (80%)

  • Rescue Blanket

Disposable rescue blanket keeps in body heat and preserves body temperature. Measures 64 x 74”. Small enough to fit in most first aid kits.

6. Emergency Sleeping Bag, Survival Bag, Emergency Zone® Brand, Reflective Blanket

Price: $6.49

  • Wind and waterproof
  • 36″ x 84″
  • Retains 80% of your radiant body heat
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage
  • Emergency Zone® Brand

Emergency Zone® Brand. The Emergency Sleeping Bag is made of the same Mylar material as our emergency blanket but is formed into a sleeping bag to prevent heat loss even more efficiently. The bag retains 80 percent of body heat and is wind and waterproof. The bag measures 36 x 84 inches.

7. 7″ Hunting Knife with Fire Starter

List Price: $11.24
Price: $7.75
You Save: $3.49 (31%)

  • 7″ overall

This is the Mini Full Tang Survival Knife Magnesium Fire Starter. The Blade of the knife has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel with a tanto point. The sheath is tough green nylon with a belt loop. The knife includes a magnesium rod fire starter.

8. Datrex Emergency Water Pouches Case of 64 for Survival Kits, Disaster Supplies, 5 Year Shelf Life

Price: $27.99

  • Purified Emergency Water
  • Extremely Compact
  • Withstands 600 pounds of Pressure
  • 5 Year Shelf Life
  • Disaster Emergency Water Ration

Case of 64 – 125 ml (4.227 oz.) Pouches Purified water for immediate use.
Superior packaging materials for optimum durability.
Easy to dispense from a premeasured pouches
Lightweight and extremely compact
Loss potential minimized due to individual pouches
approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard and exceeds their specifications.
The pouches can withstand 600 pounds of pressure per square inch
Pouches can be frozen and used as “cold packs.”
Has a five year shelf-life is five years Date of manufacture is stamped on each package.

Keep emergency water rations in your home, office, in the glove compartment of your vehicle and in your backpack.

9. 4 Person Survival Kit Deluxe Perfect Earthquake, Evacuation, Emergency Disaster Preparedness 72 Hour Kits for Home, Work or Auto: 4 Person

List Price: $360.00
Price: $199.95
You Save: $160.05 (44%)

  • 4 Person Survival Kit with Essentials to Survive Disasters
  • Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Flood, All Natural and Man-Made Disasters
  • Grab and Go 72 Kit for 4
  • Emergency Disaster Preparedness Family Kit
  • Safety items, First aid, Gas shut off and more

All items are packed securely by Survival Kits Online in a deluxe duffel bag. The kit includes the following: * 48 -Pouches of Datrex Water – twice the amount of water as leading suppliers and each pouch has a 5 year shelf-life * 48 – 200 Calorie Food Bars – 5 year shelf-life * 40 – Water Purification Tablets – each tablet purifies 1 liter of water * 1 – Hand Crank AM/FM/ Band Radio never needs batteries. * 2 – Hand Squeeze Rechargeable Flashlight * 1 – 5 in 1 Survival Whistle – compass, signal mirror, flint starter, waterproof container,lanyard and shrill whistle * 1 – Box 50 Water Proof Matches * 1 – Fire Starter – Provides sufficient shavings to start hundreds of fires * 4 – Mylar Sleeping Bags – Recommended over common “space blankets” * 4 – Emergency Poncho with Hood * 2 – 2 Person Tube Tent with Rope * 1 – 16 Function Knife * 1 – Pair Leather Palm Gloves * 1 – 50 Foot Rope * 4 – Personal Hygiene Kits includes Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, 9 Handy Wipes * 4 – N95 Masks * 8 – Tissue Packs all purpose * 1 – Large First Aid Kit – contains the essentials needed for any type of fist aid emergency * 1 – On Duty/Gas Shut Off Wrench Designed by a fire fighter. Use to shut off gas and water. Pry open doors and windows. Will not spark if struck against metal. Safe to use. * 1 – Can Opener * 2 – Waste Bags * 1 – 2.5 Gallon Water Bag * 4 – Body Warmers – last for 16- 20 hours * 4 – 12 Hour Light Sticks * 1 – Portable Stove with Fuel Tablets * 1 – Package of Survival Candles * 1 – Deck of Cards

10. Ready America 70385 Grab `N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack

List Price: $139.99
Price: $119.88
You Save: $20.11 (14%)

  • 4 Person Kit
  • US Coast Guard approved food and water
  • Enough supplies for 3 days

The Deluxe Emergency kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain 4 people for three days, as recommended by the American Red Cross. Each kit includes 4 water boxes, food supply, 4 emergency ponchos, 4 survival blankets, 4 12-hour lightsticks, 4 pair nitrile gloves, 4 NIOSH N-95 dust maasks,4 dust masks, pocket tissues, emergency whistle, leather gloves, Multi-Tool, 10yds. Duct Tape, 4 pair goggles, 3 bio-hazard bags, premoistened towlettes, emergency communication plan/contacts, first aid kit that has 107 pieces, Emergency power station 4-function (flashlight, AM/FM radio, siren, cell phone charger) and a backpack. The kit, in a handy backpack, can be stored at home, at school, and at the office.

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